5 months tip-toe baby work with her feet

August 24, 2017 by 0

I cannot thank God enough for what he did in my daughter’s life, before she was born the ultrasound shows that her feet were not well placed,truly after birth her feet were curved in which became a source of concern, after seeing a paediatrician, drugs and some other things were prescribed, I got tired at a point and stopped everything. I prayed, fasted but God was taking his time. I had already been referred to an Orthopedist for evaluation bcos at one year, she couldn’t stand unaided, but for some reasons my husband kept delaying the appointment, then Hallelujah Challenge came, my younger sister told me about it. After about 12 days I joined she took her first few steps ( she was 15 months then) and God has continued to strengthen her bones and she walks perfectly well now placing her both feet on the floor.

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