Ashermans Syndrome healed

February 27, 2020 by 0
Hello Pastor Nathaniel,
God his using you to save his people..

My testimony
After Saturday night Hallelujah challenge!  I know for sure God is listening to our prayers..
Just wanted to put this out here for anyone Believing in God for the fruit of the womb, so I had surgical termination at almost 18weeks pregnant in 2017 and didn’t see my period after that for a year in 2018. After using  northistherone and prayer and fasting  to bring my period as prescribed by the gynaecologist I had my period in January 2019 and I noticed  the period was very light and wasn’t coming out properly, I went to see the gynaecologist again and I was told I have Ashermans Syndrome after examining me. I cried that night and for some days , that what’s all these. The gynaecologist then said she will do hysterescopy to cut out the adhesions in my womb /uterus and said she will insert the Copper IUD for 3 months To open up my womb so the period can flow properly. I was like what is she saying I want to have a baby or get pregnant like now now , you telling me you want to do all this procedures anyway she said that’s the only way, so I called my pastor he said go ahead with it but we must keep praying . Fast forward she done the surgery on the 14th of October 2019 .fast forward again she removed the IUD 14th of January 2020 and I started to use seven seas trying for a baby folic acid and after my period in January I decided to start trying in February( when I saw You posted Hallelujah challenge will be starting I was so happy and said God this is my time.. with prayers God did the impossible and you said we should ask God for something  that will make us sing , I never knew ,you  would honour me this way…  and I did ,I keyed into that prayer point like I have never prayed before . To God be glory I tested positive today to my pregnancy test.
so excited cause have been trying for a second baby as my first child is going to be 6 this year.
For anyone trying please don’t give up.. prayer and God can send the right practitioner in human form your way..
I have been shouting hallelujah 100x a day for the past 4days now..
glory to God for using you as vessel to lead his people.

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