b]Bad ache in my waist

May 22, 2020 by 0

I joined the Hallelujah Challenge on day 3 and at that time, I had a bad ache in my waist.

About 11 years ago, I was diagnosed with spinal tuberculosis which affected me badly. I underwent emergency surgery even though and was paralysed even though I had a few weeks old baby. Now this ache or pain I had in my waist was very similar to that felt during my TB crisis especially before I got diagnosed with it and it didn’t make me feel happy, at all.

So, as we praised God that night, I felt the pain again and didn’t feel like dancing at all for it was quite excruciating. I however did- I bent down, kneeled, bowed over and intentionally moved in different ways that would literally cause the waist to hurt. This I did trusting that as I danced, the pain would go.

I honestly forgot about the pain until two nights ago during the Praise time, I suddenly realised I didn’t feel the pain anymore! Doctor Jesus has healed me!

The devil made me think it is not a testimony worthy of sharing because I had so-called bigger prayers waiting to be manifested but I felt the urge to stop what I am doing now (i.e. watching the live testimonies) and send this to shame the devil.

Thank you abba. To God be the glory for this healing. As I have come to return the glory to you, I know that I’m made whole and you will grant me the desires of my other requests in the fullness of time. Amen.

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