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In the year 2016, around October when I was about to round up my NYSC in Ebonyi State, it was also time for me to send the report of all the projects God has helped me to execute, that was how the enemy struck with the spirit of depression; as a result, I started to read books such The Battle field of the mind by Joyce Meyer, Tim Lahayes book on Spirit controlled temperament and other books I felt could help me understand what is going on in my head but I just could not get out of the evil feeling to the point of contemplating suicide! Then I went to stay in the corpers lodge, then sneak into the drug depository to help myself with overdose of any drug I could find to numb the pain of fear of failure I was feeling at the time.

Fast forward to when issues became worse and I had to be hospitalized after so much prayers around November that same year, I am not sure but once in a while whenever I’m in the family House the only song I hear in my mind then was ONISE IYANU… because according to the Medical report case has graduated to clinical depression,anxiety disorder and catatonic schizophrenia.
I don’t know who plays it but whenever song plays there is a part of my sense that reminds me that God created me and He has a great purpose for my existence.
Case became critical I had to be moved to FMC Abuja from FETHA Abakaliki because I slumped into the evil mood and lost consciousness.
My family members in Abuja took me from hospital to Pastor Enenche Tuesday prayers and when RCCG Pastor EA Adeboye came to Abuja for the special Holy Ghost Service in Abuja my Senior Pastor Henry Okpara, my sister and brethren in church took me to the altar after the message.
When I was taken home from the hospital for management as Doctor said there was no cure, The Church kept praying and everymorning My Sister would play ONISE IYANU You are the God of awesome wonders we have tasted of your Powers… I keep mentioning my Sister because we’ve been Orphans since childhood but thank God for the Church of Christ RCCG Love Family.
They did not allow me to die because of depression! ONISE IYANU located me at my lowest moment despite the distance and I would love to mention that I am the First Graduate in my Family at the time this happened and the last child of 4 children.
There is nothing impossible for ONISE IYANU, OLOWOGBOGBORO to do!
God bless you,
Bro Nathaniel Bassey.
Yours Sincerely,
Deborah Taiwo.

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