Herpes healed

February 4, 2020 by 0

####Good day sir…God is wonderful ..He has done it for me ..last year November I noticed a hard seedlike lumps clustered whitish and very scary always it Jung me in between my thigh and vagina I was so scared cos I’m a pharmacist and that sight was like something viral, I went to meet a gynaecologist friend he screamed and said this is herpes I started crying in he’s office meanwhile I said no way God won’t let this happen to me, I also snapped it and sent to another doctor friend he said the same thing..my nights were shattered and I couldn’t sleep well…I took lots and lots of drugs nothing happened …I went to a friends lab did all d viral test plus herpes n wart I came out negative but this thug was still there, very itchy, white, in clusters and scary …oluwogboboro did it for me last years challenge and without drugs, it dried up…I couldn’t contend my happiness plus this God is too Good yesterday I cried all through the challenge cos I’m not worthy of He’s mercies…praise Jesus#####

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