My testimony

September 13, 2018 by 0

God has wiped away my tears, during the last hallelujah challenge, I was in a very low place, nothing seemed to be working in my life, i was depressed and almost suicidal. My husband had no job, we were living apart, i was still at the same spot in my career despite all my efforts. i joined the hallelujah challenge, most days i cried all through the prayer session because i was so tired, i didn’t even know where to start my prayer from. I had been broke, been talked and looked down upon, and been ashamed. Pastor Nat talked about the anointing of multiples, 1,2 1,2,3. i tapped into it with all the faith I had left. This year, GOD turned things around in multiples. My husband not only got a job, but he got the job he wanted, i got promoted at my place of work, depression is gone from my life forever, we are moving in together. Only God could have done this. its like a dream… God is sooo good. please keep me anonymous

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