Pains in right breast gone

February 27, 2020 by 0

In the month of January 2020, early January, I started having pains in my right breast. Initially, I thought it was a premenstrual symptom (because mine varies), but no, it continued even after my period. I was too scared to do a check on myself to feel if there was any lump. That would have taken me out considering that my mum had died from breast cancer.

I do not know if it was the devil playing mind games on me but that breast started to feel real heavy, heavier than the left one. Any action that involved the right breast movement will bring pains and even while immobile it would throb. I said to God, ‘God what is this?’. I refused for my mind to even think of talking to anyone about it, least of all going to hospital. I also refused to give it a name.

And then, I saw the post on your IG page about ‘Hallelujay Challenge’ and I said yes. Whatever the root cause of this pain is, whatever the name of the pain is, will be challenged during the program. And so I began to prepare for it. I had other prayer points that I would lay at the altar, but you see this particular one, no retreat no surrender. I prepared mentally, physically (made sure I was getting enough sleep before it started), spiritually (I had to build up my faith), and otherwise – I went out and bought shekere. I was ready to shake that shekere while praising God until that pain disappeared and I could not be the least bit bothered who I was going to disturb in my neighborhood during the 21 days. They will just have to adapt for that period.

And then we started. Day 1 dusted, went to bed and when I woke the next morning it was there. I said to myself don’t worry we still have 20 more days. And then Day 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6. Day 7 was to be on Friday but because of Holy Ghost service was cancelled. That gave me time to key into the number 7, perfection, and God rested on the 7th day. Day 7 came and we prayed and praised like Paul and Silas and I believe that was when God sent the earthquake that shook the cage the devil wanted to put me in, and I went to bed afterwards.

I am sorry I am being so detailed but I cannot help it. I woke up Sunday morning (January 9, 2020) and as I would normally do since the pain started, I got up and moved my upper body to get my breasts to move to see if I would sense the pain. NO PAIN. I lay right back on the bed, got up and repeated the process, NO PAIN. I did it a third time, still NO PAIN. I said Jesus, thank you Jesus. All the while my heart was thumping.

I was conscious the whole day, checking every now and again and till now as I type, NO MORE PAIN. Jesus took it all away.

This is testimony no.1. I will be back with the others because of course that wasn’t my only prayer request.

Hmmm, I experienced the healing power of God, nobody can tell me anything. Thank you Lord.


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