Recommendation Letter

February 4, 2020 by 0

@nathanielblow Funny enough I had this similar experience last year! Don’t know if you can remember you saying you feel led to pray about healing around October-December last year (can’t precisely remember the month), that prayer was just for me! Just that in my case I didn’t have to go to the hospital to know something was wrong. But now I’m healed and know it could only have been God! God continually be with you, help and uphold you and yours in Jesus Name. Amen

#####The second testimony is about day 2. I wanted my lecturer to write a recommendation letter for me. She agreed but for two weeks she refused to answer my calls and return my messages. Yesterday I told God to let her have sleepless nights till I receive the letter. This dawn my phone beeped, lo and behold she was the one. She told me to come for it on Tuesday 10 am ###

That precious thing you were expecting shall happen this month in Jesus’ name!

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