June 15, 2017 by 0

Hallelujah greetings to you!…I joined the hallelujah challenge on Monday, the 12th…and i put it to my self to make it a date with God till the end…on the 13th i made a request to God,a nd on the 14th which was yesterday i danced with the request,and pastor nathaniel declared “our days of glory is here” i keyed into it,and also the bible verse “Psalm v121″…before i left home for work this morning,i said i was going to drop a testimony in faith that God is working in my favour,low and behold,God gave me a shocking blessing at my work place this morning, what i have been praying for,just like that!…I asked and he answered without fail,he answered my request and he is still doing more…God is doing wonders through this challenge,i m a testimony and will keep testifying.HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU JESUS,HIS OUTSTRECHED HAND TOUCHED ME…VICTORY IS OURS!

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