Hospital bills miraculously settled

September 6, 2018 by 0

Good day Pst. Nath, am testifying from Los Angeles, California. Am a Nigerian, am here for the delivery of my twin boys. When I was leaving Nigeria, my husband and I had a different plan as to how to sort out our bills, but on getting here all options had been blocked, and became impossible, right confront of me was a huge bill I didn’t have hope of raising anywhere, as hubby didn’t follow me. We had planned for a Natural birth but OBGYN said its CS il do due to some Medical issues, this even made the bill skyrocketed. My husband and I became confused and helpless, I almost suggested I come back home to have my kids….then the Halleluyah challenge started and everyday I would just thank God for the things I don’t even have and just ask him to be the way maker in my life. Deadline for this payment is 9th of July, and so just between Monday and today Wednesday….God raised MILLIONS of Naira from where I wasnt expecting to get it from. Hospital bills settled and more for other bills. God is indeed the way maker. Halleluyah

PS: Please kindly pray for me for safe delivery of my twin boys, Mother and babies should be in good health, babies should be birth defects free and get to full term, as twins are believed to be born early.

Thank you.

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