September 19, 2018 by 0
Dear Pastor Nathaniel,
I didn’t join the first hallelujah challenge I didn’t know what it was but I always heard about it. I decided that I will partake of this one and I have been a part of it, my FIRST testimony is from DAY 2 , I got out of bed to dance and sing praises and suddenly i started to feel excruciating pain in my back that I couldn’t bend or move properly, something inside me said this pain has come at a wrong time and I began to dance and bend the back even more and just before the next two songs ended the pain disappeared.
My second testimony ….hmmmm…. this year I have only had my period once and that was May, it lasted for 2 weeks if not more, (I am married but never been pregnant) two nights ago when the network was disturbing us, I continued to sing and dance and jump until 1:00am when I was done I saw the instruction you posted that we should continue to praise regardless and I said thank God I did. today 5th of june i went to pee and behold my period is HERE.
My third shall be the news of my pregnancy I am certain . THANK YOU JESUS, GOD BLESS PASTOR NATHANIEL

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