Insomnia Healed

June 15, 2017 by 0

I just want to thank God for His goodness and mercy. I pray for faith for those who are struggling to believe and trust that God will grant the desires of our hearts according to his will in Jesus’ name. Though this may seem small, and I struggled with testifying about this, but God deserves the praise regardless. For the past few days, I’ve been struggling to sleep through the night and wake up tired like one who has only had a few hours of sleep. Admittedly I wasnt going to bed early enough but the sleep I thought I would still get would be filled with tossing and turning. I just give glory to God as I believed I would get a good rest last night and He showed up and gave me good rest. I pray for anyone who may be suffering from insomnia or other related sleep issues that the great I AM, Olowogbogboro, our Father will grant you deep, sweet rest naturally in Jesus’ name, Amen! More to come 😀 😀

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