International Job Offer

July 26, 2017 by 0

Hallelujah oooooo, I don’t want anonymous posting oo coz my testimonies would not be anonymous… My name is Chioma Irene… One of the prayer points in my hallelujah report was a better job for my elder brother so that things can get much better for our family but to cut the whole story short he went for a 2weeks training program with an international company and after the 2weeks, he was among the people selected for recruitment and he was given a job, not with a Nigerian company oo, international .. We are going international oo and I went to my hallelujah report and ticked “Done” on the page that had that request and I know I’ll keep on ticking… God bless you and increase you on every side, sir…..I thank God I’m part of this movement… Please thank God with me.

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