Internship Granted

June 16, 2017 by 0

Praise the Lord!!!!!
I had recently applied to be an intern in a major oil and gas company. I was accepted after an interview and was told I would resume in the month of May… the days of May came and passed. No calls. Then I received a mail from them after I had tried reaching out to them that the contract of me working with them may not be possible. I suddenly lost hope. Especially when May came to an end and the month of June began.
I then joined the #Hallelujahchallenge for the first time in the 11th day.. and in the 12thday inviting loved ones. Lo and behold… on the 13th day I was called by the same company asking me to resume work on Monday…
Olowogbogboro stepped in immediately… just like that I am now an intern. Praise the Lord!!

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