It was like a dream

February 6, 2019 by 0

WOW! I came on here to celebrate God with her and the Holy Spirit just reminded me of my own prayer request around that time yesterday! I literally keyed into that same part yesterday and when you said if we are believing God for healing to stretch forth our hands and I received healing virtues released! Well I did because I had a strange /dull and sometimes sharp pain on the left side of my chest (just under the left breast) I didn’t know what was causing it but concerned because God delivered me from a major health challenge in 2018 and the chest area was involved… but Thank God this morning that truly He is a miracle worker, I thank Him that affliction will never rise up again and for His reassurance !!! I’m checking this morning and the pain is GONE!!! It’s literally like a dream and so unexpected.. it hasn’t even been 9 hours yet! This is mercy! Thank you, Jesus, ❤️❤️❤️ I decree Isaiah 54:17 over you and your family sir, that indeed no weapon formed against you will prosper. That every tongue that rises up against you and your family in judgment shall be condemned! Because @nathanielblow these benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord! The Lord has spoken it over you and so shall it be in Jesus name! Amen ‭


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