I’ve come to say Thank you lord

September 6, 2018 by 0

This one is long oo, but I’ll shorten it.

I wanted to wait, and share my testimony at once. But on Day 3, when you asked us to write our 14 prayer requests to the Way Maker, I brought out my Hallelujah Praise reports from last year to add the 14 and I realized that if I don’t share this testimony I’ll be ungrateful to God.

I finished my LL.B in 2014, and I was preparing for Law school. Unknown to me, one of my lecturers had victimized me and withheld one of my courses. I didn’t know this until 2015 and I had to write that course again, but they still did not release my results; they kept telling me it wasn’t ready, and did not mobilize me. Meanwhile, my mates had gone to law school and forgotten. I felt so stagnant and depression had slowly set in.

2017 Hallelujah challenge, the very first thing on my Praise report was to be released from Uni and resume Law school in 2017, I also wrote the final grade I wanted from Uni.

My Day 2 request was the result I wanted from Law school (Bar Finals).

Fast forward to Hallelujah Challenge 2018, as I wrote my first request among the 14, I was asking the Way Maker to help me in my Bar Finals and give me my desired result then it hit me; I’m praising God as a Law school student.

The Olowogbogboro answered me, he put my enemies to shame… This God is just too good. I’ve come back to say Thank you lord!!

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