Jesus my bulldozer

September 19, 2018 by 0

Good morning Pastor,
Bulldozer has bulldozed my enemies!
After the HC early this morning, of which I slept off towards the end, woke up to find the session was over so I said a
brief prayer to wrap up and went to bed properly.

In my dream, it seemed like I was trying to find a place, in a quiet area, with little or no activity around, all I saw was a gas station and a blind beggar with his stick and someone leading him.

I turned off the road and was driving to a place that seemed unpleasant, a bad and muddy road, just seemed like a dead end, I decided not to go further so I turned around. Now it was getting dark and I began to panic. My fuel tank indicated yellow so I thought when I got to the gas station I saw at the junction I’ll refill. I got there to find they had closed, lights out and all, only 1 guy locking the last pump so I got more scared cos it had even gotten darker. While I was trying to get back in my car, the supposed beggars grabbed me by my head, were tryna suffocate me with my head faced down, I struggled with them and began to scream Jesus, Jesus, my scream got louder each time,so I got more pumped every time I screamed the name of Jesus. They let go of me as I kept screaming the name then I stood straight staring them in the face while still screaming Jesus even louder, and that’s how I woke up still screaming Jesus.

I prayed and thanked God for that victory and went back to sleep. Woke up this morning with some kinda joy in my heart, was wondering why but my mind went back to that dream.
I may not fully understand what happened but I’m positive there will be physical manifestations of what God did for me in that dream.  #thankYouJesus

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