Job employment in less than 3days

July 24, 2017 by 0

Olowogbogboro did it. After the Halleluyah Challenge, it seems nothing happened to all my prayer requests, but I held on to God that He will do it at the appointed time. On the 18th of July, I read on the Instagram page where someone testified about waving the dream book, I tapped into that testimony and prepared my own dream book on my phone. Woke up in the middle of the night and presented it to God. Guess what?! I got a job in less than 3 days. On the 22nd of July, the employment was sealed. It looks like a dream but God did it.
Another testimony is, I asked God to separate me from my partner if it isn’t His will for us to be together, it was a dangerous prayer point but I needed the will of God in my marriage, in less than 2days, he called and said he was no longer interested,i begged him but he stood his ground. Although it hurts, I’m glad that God has assured me once again that He is still in the business of answering prayers Olajumoke from Lagos.

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