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June 14, 2017 by 0

Sir, I am in a country that is hard to get an odd job talk-less of job and i have received some rejection emails of unsuccessful application, i would joke with my husband that i just wish i will just get a job that i did not have to apply for and the Lord will just bless me just like that. On June 3rd, i received a text from my church member if i was interested in a part time job and i indicated interest.On Tuesday, June 13, I was scheduled to see the company director for an interview, on meeting the lady she dint not ask me a single question and the question she asked was if i was interested in taking the job ; in-fact i was the one asking her if she needed my cv and all other documents ; this was how i got a Job. Again on Wednesday this same church member texted me again and asked if i was interested in another job and i was laughing like crazy that this my olowogbororo God has started with me. My no 1 prayer is that the Lord Almighty will make me a fruitful vine, i will conceive and testify of my twins come 9 months time (I be oliver twist ).
Help me bless his name ….Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 14, 2017 at 11:10 PM

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