Job Opportunity

June 15, 2017 by 0

God bless you Pastor Nathaniel.

I joined the hallelujah challenge last week. I have been trusting God for a job for close to 2 years, have gone for several interviews and been trusting God for a break through. I told God that this month of June will not pass me by. I submitted my CV and got called for a job interview but I did not have peace because the job will not give me time to serve God so I declined going for the interview, even though the Company called me severally. I trusted God and asked him to give me a job that will allow me have time to serve him and I was so skeptical, thinking maybe I should have gone for the interview I declined going for. I still continued in the Hallelujah Challenge, just yesterday, a company I applied to and have gone for the 1st and 2nd interview , called to offer me the job, JUST LIKE THAT and asked me to come with my credentials ├ánd passport tomorrow to resume on Monday 19th June. I return all the glory to OLOWOGBOGBORO….only Him could have done this…father, I am grateful. Am still coming back to testify of my other requests because it is my season of multiple testimonies. As many that are trusting God for job, the Lord who did mine will do yours speedily.

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