Job Opportunity

June 15, 2017 by 0

Good day Mr Nathaniel. God is Great and worthy to be praised.

I have been looking for a job since I finished NYSC in 2013. But I haven’t been able to secure any. I have completed my masters thinking that will boost my chances but still yet nothing. I don’t even get invited for interviews. I have been very worried to the extent of crying my eyes out that It started affecting my eyes. Nonetheless, I never stopped praying because God is my mighty warrior and way maker. Since I joined the hallelujahchallenge on the 11th, I have felt a positive thing in my life. I am just happy. Yesterday you asked us to pray about something. So I placed my prayer request I had already written on the floor as I knelt down. But all I prayed for from my mouth was God should give me peace of mind…I am so at peace today I can’t even explain it. I got a call from a company in Dubai for a phone interview and they scheduled me for another interview next week. God is just awesome. He is the way maker and miracle worker. I believe and trust in him that he will see me through the rest. HALLELUJAH !!!! OLOWOGBOGBORO has touched my life

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