Job Opportunity

June 15, 2017 by 0

And just like that, He did it! Thanks to God who has stretched out His mighty hands towards me. Olowgbogboro!
Yesterday evening for the first time I took part in the Hallelujah challenge during which we were asked to make a request to God and ask Him to stretch out his hands into our situations. I asked a lot of things and in the morning 8 hours at the end of the worship, I received a job offer! But not a simple one. I am amazed at how the Lord aligned things for me. The salary was very good. It is the first permanent contract I have been offered so far and the office is like 15 min away from my house.. before getting the offer I was wondering “oh if they offer me the job, how do I take time off for my exams?” “Should I tell them now that I will not be available before August while I was told they absolutely need the applicant to start early July”. I even started looking for another position somewhere. And this is where God does His magic: when I got the job offer, I was told that I needed to start asap but no later than August 1st!!! Like really???? Only God!!!
Now I pray God sees me through during my exams.
No words to express how I feel now. But Glory Glory Glory to God alone!!!

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