Job Promotion

June 14, 2017 by 0

I heard about this Hallelujah Challenge last two days from a Muslim friend in Nigeria who is also taking the challenge too personal but I’m a Christian…I joined with faith because I have a very big Challenge I believe only Olowogbogboro could solve it, but I have this other small Challenge at my place of Job here in the USA, I started this Job about 5months ago but I wasn’t comfortable with the position I am even though is one of the top position in my Unit…I told the management and I was called for interview again which I did well but they still refuse to call me for Paper work because I work with a State government Hospital so I lost my mind already…Just as I was preparing for the 14th day of Olowogbogboro to tender my very big Challenge which is my second day…I received a called from HR that I’ve been promoted also become full staff and I should come in for my paper work on Next week Monday(this is my small Challenge), I know as we continue praising God the Big Challenge will be Level to shaft and it will blow away…I have to share this testimony so that Olowogbogboro can touch and speed up the miracle I need on my very big Challenge

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