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Good Morning Pastor Nathaniel
My testimony is long overdue and in the spirit of giving thanks to the One who deserves all the praises I would like to share my testimony. I have had 2 fibroids removal surgeries, the second I had about a year after my wedding, the doctors said my womb was fine and I would conceive within a short while. I didn’t and more invasive tests were recommended for both myself and my husband and the results said we were both fine. I would cry to God everytime my period started and I would be so miserable. I joined the Halleluyah challenge on the third day and there was a testimony about a sister who found out she was pregnant after confessing, ‘Just like that I am pregnant’ even after she thought her period had started, I held on to that testimony and started declaring to myself Just like that I am pregnant, He maketh a barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyous mother of children Psalm 113:9. Without doing any other thing except singing praises to God all the time, to dancing during the Halleluyah challenge with my children in my hands and confessing every morning that I am a joyous mother of children and just like that I am pregnant, in that month of June, without drugs, without monitoring ovulation date and time, the God that makes a barren woman to keep house and to become a joyous mother of children, the God that does it Just like that, the God that turns all things around for our good turned me from a barren woman to a pregnant woman. The joy in my heart knew no bounds, it was the most stress-free pregnancy, no sickness for the entire 9 months, I was so strong. And now I am a joyous mother of the most perfect baby boy Asher( Deut 33:24-29, you asked us to pray using this verse during one of the prayer sessions we had during the challenge and I received it in my spirit that that is my son’s name). In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thank God for you Pastor Nathaniel and your family, I thank God for Halleluyah Challenge, for my husband, my family, friends that became family, a complication free pregnancy, complication free delivery, the most happy and contented baby Asher, I don’t have enough words to appreciate God for his Mercy and Lovingkindness. Praise the Lord.

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