June 15, 2017 by 0

My God is too good! Yesterday, I went out handing my CV in different stores looking for a job for the summer and my friends tagged along with me. Prior to this, I have been praying to God that I get a nice summer job for several weeks now because I do not have much work experience and that is usually essential. I went into a particular store which is actually a very reputable store in the U.K where I was handed a card to apply online. I got back to my room and I was so tired I slept off but woke up just in time for the hallelujah challenge. After the challenge, I was about to sleep but I remembered I had not yet applied so I decided to do so before sleeping. This afternoon, I was about rounding up my devotion when my phone started ringing but I had to finish praying first so I made a mental note to call the person back. However, when I finished praying and saying the grace my phone was still vibrating so I picked up. It was from the store that I applied to and the representative had a phone interview with me. After which he said by the end of the day, I will know if I am successful or not. About ten minutes later, I received an email saying my application has been successful JUST LIKE THAT. I also have a job interview in yet another reputable store in the U.K on Saturday. I am so grateful to God, I am unworthy and undeserving but He is so faithful! God bless you for this great thing He has used you to start, and may He also give you ‘JUST LIKE THAT’ testimonies!!


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