June 14, 2017 by 0

Good evening Sir. I’m Tobore. I joined the Hallelujah challenge on Sunday after my aunt told me about it. My mum had been seriously ill. Her stomach was hard and bloated like a pregnant woman. She had been stooling blood and very cold and could not eat nor use the toilet.  On the Friday preceeding when I joined the challenge, she had gone for a scan and another test at the hospital. Nothing was found in her tummy. Nothing was discovered to be medically wrong with her. Yet, her health was at all time low. She’s in her sixties. We had spent so much treating her, yet no improvement.

I joined the Hallelujah challenge simply praising God for not only healing her but making her healing whole. Since Monday, there have been positive reports about her health. I just got off the phone with her. Here are some of her words: “my tummy is now completely flat. It is no longer hard. I have stopped stooling blood. I’m no longer cold and can now eat. I now urinate and use the toilet without my anus being pumped….”.

JUST LIKE THAT, my mother has been made whole! Hallelujah. God bless you Sir.

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