Kidney Failure Healed

June 15, 2017 by 0

Hi pastor Nathaniel!
God is amaizing!!! My sister had been going through hard times. She’s been admitted in a hospital in the usa and scheduled for a catheter to start dialysis this morning because her kidneys were failing.
But last night, when you gave us two minutes to ask God for something huge, I asked God for the revival of her kidneys. Although I am in France (with one hour time difference from Nigeria), I knelt down just as you told us to and asked for that miracle.
She just called me to tell me to say that her kidneys all of a sudden, just like that started functioning again! She urinated so many times this morning (she could hardly urinate), swellings went down, the doctors are confused! They don’t know what to do. I suggested that they discharge her because OLOWOGBOGBORO IS INVOLVED!! Merci JESUS ohhhhhhhh!!

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