Knee Pain Healed

June 15, 2017 by 0

Hello Bro. Nathaniel,
I am sending this to testify to GOD’s love & healing in my life.
I have been keying in the past days for the Halleluyah Challenge and i have also been reading testimonies from other people. Okay, people will agree with me that when such awesome testimonies abound like this, one can’t but start to ask oneself, what am i doing wrong and pleading (Yes o, serious pleading) with GOD for answers to prayer requests with a resultant opportunity to testify.
Hmmm, JUST LIKE THAT O! The OLOWOGBORO visited me early 15/06/2017 after the praise session. Before the start of the Halleluyah Challenge, i went on your page and was just encouraging myself with the different testimonies and instructions from GOD through you. And i noticed some participants might be having difficulties joining due to low/no data. Well, the HOLY SPIRIT ministered to me to ask how much will be needed and then try to help as i can. I obeyed Sir. And towards the end of the session, after you asked us to ask GOD for some key things we want, you said we should praise GOD for answers with the Yanana song. Bro, i just started to dance lowdown (rababa) before YAWEH. Forgetting i had knees problem and SUDDENLY it dawned on me i have been “komole-ing” (squatting) without support or pain. I was healed! JUST LIKE THAT.
I mentioned it earlier under comment after doing more than 10 squatts to be sure.
Now the HOLY SPIRIT asked me to share with you to please share with everyone. What keeps coming to me is that, regardless of our situation we should always be ready to help people especially those that can not repay us. In a world where people give more reasons why not to help the other person, we as Christians should give freely, cheerfully and without expecting anything back because when we do this our FATHER in Heaven gives back to us in multiple and multitude ways we can see and not see.
GOD bless you and your family, Bro. Nathaniel and i pray you will not miss out in the Heavenly race. Amen.

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