Literally all my prayer request for last year’s HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE was answered by God

September 4, 2018 by 0

Last year, I joined the hallelujah challenge with the hope and believe that all my request would be answered. I started college here in New York city last year. I was new to the whole system and communication with my classmates and lecturers was not easy because my accent was not clear. I developed fear so as to cub embarrassment and in the process great opportunities like inquiring for scholarships, leadership submits and conferences passed me by. I knew fear was not my nature I am supposed to be bold, I asked God for strength to be bold during the HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE (2017) He granted me such boldness and every opportunities that I thought I had lost was fully restored with greater opportunities. This was a great glimpse of what the OUTSTRETCHED ARM OF THE LORD can do!

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