September 4, 2018 by 0

I have been in God’s waiting room for children for over 9yrs, this has always been topmost on my prayer request anytime i have to write them down. When we were asked on day 3 to write 14 things we want God to do for us, i brought out the last Hallelujah journal i used at the 2017 hallelujah challenge. I went through all i wrote last year and found out that OLOWOGBOGBORO already answered most of the requests i wrote down except for the fruit of the womb. I have come to say thank you to THE MIRACLE WORKER, WAYMAKER, OLOWOGBOGBORO for being faithful to me and my household despite our unfaithfulness. I am believing that my God will hear me and make me a joyful mother of children in this year Hallelujah challenge.

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