Lost and Found Miraculously

June 15, 2017 by 0

No testimony is too small as my people have a saying that when you give thanks for what someone did for you, it will spur the person to do more. So I am giving thanks for what God has done because it is also a sign that more testimonies are on the way.

My mum was looking for money given to her by a neighbour who helps her sell, it is not that much and it is something she can easily bear but then, it was quite hard for her to let go as she was sure she came upstairs with it. She searched for it yesterday evening and even this morning, she finally gave up on it and was like if this was how the money was meant to go. In the midst of saying stuffs, I stopped her and told her she should rather asked God to help her find it that the money is somewhere, while I prayed in my heart that Olowogbogboro should manifest His power.
Lo and behold, this evening the money was found where she least expected it to be, in open sight.

I bless the name of the Lord because I know He has just started His good work in my family.

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