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June 14, 2017 by 0

Lemme share my testimony!

One of my first semester results was mysteriously omitted. Only my exam was recorded as 39. No CA. I was given an ‘F’.

Fortunately for me, it was a group CA we did and I was the group leader. I virtually did all the work with the help of one guy so it was painful that it was my own recording that was omitted. I went to the prof to report the case. He asked if I participated, I said yes and called the names of my group members and told him that all of them had the 35 scores recorded for them. We searched and found the group report submission. My name was the first there as the group leader. He said he will rectify. This was around June last year.

I went back after a month and suddenly, the submitted report was nowhere to be found. Story enter. Back and forth. He said he couldn’t allocate a score without the report. From then till April this year when they said they had started computing our results. I cried o, prayed, fasted, blah blah blah. No show.

I have been pretty worried because the next thing will be that it will be recorded as ‘F’ and I will have to carry over and retake the course. Plus pay school fees again and all.

I joined this live PRAISE-PARTY on 3rd of June after 2 days of personal praise. Fast forward to last Thursday, 8th of June, I took this result up as my prayer point. Friday abi Saturday, Pst Nath said write a prayer point and dance round it and blah blah blah.

I just wrote my result oo.
CA: 35
Exam: 39
Total: 74
Grade: A
Point: 5.0

I danced round it and slept. Kept it as a prayer point till early this morning. Then, I went to school this afternoon and went to ask my coordinator if the Prof had rectified, she said “Ah! That your serious matter. It was rectified this morning oo. I don’t know how Prof did it. He just sent in the scores and I entered.”

I just screamed “OLOWOGBOGBORO thank you sir!” The woman was just staring. Me just said “Thank you ma.” I fled the stairs oo and was singing like a mad woman till I got home.

This is the first testimony for me.

Help me thank this God!
Alagbadaina…Olowogbogboro…He is too much.


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