Marriage Restoration

June 15, 2017 by 0

Oh Sir Nathaniel, GOD is THE AWESOME GOD indeed and I give only HIM all of the glory!!!
Yesterday, I was depressed all day because I was wondering why, instead of breakthroughs and testimonies, I was experiencing loss and confusion, despite praising the Lord every single day at the Midnight hour (joined the Hallelujah Challenge on day 8).
So I was asking God to teach me and give me the grace to worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth. While we were praising God early hours of this morning, I kept asking him for the restoration of my marriage, because I have been trying to do this in my own strength for way too long (3 and a half years of separation). Just when I thought things might have taken a nosedive, I received an alert from my husband this morning, for our son’s monthly upkeep and I know that this is God telling me to “relax, I (GOD) have got this in my OWO GBOGBORO!!!”. OLÓWÓ GBOGBORO has me covered!!! GLORY HALLELUJAH. AMEN

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