Martial bliss restored

August 6, 2017 by 0

Hi pastor, I just want to celebrate God’s faithfulness, and for restoring Love and happiness to my parents’ marriage.

My parents have been married for about 34years, the last 12 of which has been filled with sorrow, sadness, hatred and attempted murder. Yes, attempted murder! he tried to kill my mom one day they got in an argument, he blamed her for been behind him losing his job and had made up his mind to kill her and then kill himself. It took me kicking down the door to their bedroom and letting my mother out to stop that attack.

The last 12 years, myself and my siblings and friends and family have prayed, fasted and cried to God consistently to restore peace, joy and love to their marriage and it just seemed like God wasn’t hearing us.

Again during the Hallelujah challenge, I prayed and believed God for a miracle, even though at this point I was tired of praying about their marriage. It was more like every one of us had accepted fate and the fact that there would never be peace and love in that household anymore.

But late July God decided to make his move and answer our prayers, my mom sent me a message saying things are getting better and he’s starting to respond to her when she speaks to him, he’s starting to eat at home and finally she sent a message a few days ago that God has done it ooooo, everything is back to Normal now.

I felt the need to share this because I owe it to God. And it’s just my way of saying thank you for answered prayers.

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