Martial Fulfillment

August 9, 2017 by 0

Greetings Bro Nathaniel!
Olowogbogboro has done it for me o!… I just the challenge a few days after it started and my prayer point were for a life partner; I’ve been waiting on God, giving specifications of the kind of man I desire..You declared that single sisters will be engaged as a result of the “hallelujah challenge” and I keyed in; many sisters were getting engaged a few days later, mine didn’t seem forthcoming but i held on to the Word of God..On the 5th of this month(August),a very close male friend of mine whom I’ve known for barely 5months proposed to me JUST LIKE THAT! He said he wants the wedding next year..preparations for meeting our families has started already!
I had two days of sleepless nights all because of Joy!I am so excited because Olowogbogboro has blessed me with a man who I’ve been praying for; the beautiful thing is he said I have everything he prayed for in a wife..I have a man who sees me as an answer to his prayer (that is humbling and fulfilling).
Thank you, Sir!

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