Masters Certificate Corrected

June 16, 2017 by 0

Praise God. I joined this challenge on Monday morning and one of my requests was that the error on my master’s certificate will be rightly corrected. I studied in a school in South Africa and I couldn’t attend the graduation as I had returned to Nigeria. I made arrangement for my certificate to be sent to Nigeria and when I saw it I realised that the qualification was not correctly written which rendered the certificate almost useless. I contacted the administrator, my supervisor and the deputy registrar and at a time they were not even replying my emails then I decided to give it to God. In fact one of the people in charge said that it was like that on the system and she can’t change it but I decided to send the deputy registrar an email yesterday knowing that Olowogbogboro Is involved and she replied almost immediately that she was sorry for not attending to my emails all the while and that I should give her till Monday but she contacted the office in charge immediately and she was informed that the corrected certificate is ready and only awaiting the vice chancellor and registrar’s signature which will be sorted by Monday. This looked so difficult to achieve initially as I was not even there to push things but Olowogbogboro stepped in and made it happen JUST LIKE THAT. God bless Pastor Nathaniel Bassey for heeding the call of God at this time. I will return for many more testimonies very soon in Jesus name, Amen.

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