Menstrual and Financial Breakthrough

June 16, 2017 by 0

Praise the Lord.
At the beginning of the Hallelujah Challenge, I wrote an expectation list and God has been ticking the list one by one and I would be sharing one by one.
1. I thank God for His healing hand. I have had the most painful menstrual periods in my life!I usually throw-up, have sleepless nights or even end up in the hospital. This happens every month. I wrote this in my expectation list and I am currently on my period and running up and down in the office. It is hitch free. I give God all the glory.
2. I prayed for financial breakthrough and God has started, two people that were owing me paid today. I pray that God will perfect this and send unexpected blessings in Jesus Name.
3. I asked God for a job for my friend and a company that practically forgot her application invited her for an interview and the feedback has been good.
This God that has done these will perfect the testimonies in Jesus Name. Praise the Lord!

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