Migraines and Waist Pain Healed

June 15, 2017 by 0

God bless you pastor Nathaniel. I heard about this hallelujah challenge early this week and was only able to join yesterday. For the past week or longer, I have been having series of migraines, and a very sharp pain at the back of my waist towards my spine. Every movement made it worse.I had massaged it a couple of times and planned to book an appointment in the hospital to get it checked out yesterday. However, I decided to trust God during this challenge and I laid my hand on the area and on my head during the worship session and since I woke up,I haven’t felt any pain again. I just want to thank God because I know it could have only been him. I wrote down over 15 prayer points and I’m sure I’ll be back here as many times as necessary to testify of God’s goodness. HALLELUJAH!!!!

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