Miracle baby

September 6, 2018 by 0

I want to thank for answered prayer. I asked God for the fruit of the womb for my aunt. And this year while we prayed and thanked God, then u said we should have a hallelujah journal, so I decided to have one. While I was writing how faithful God has been the holyspirit just reminded me of what God did in the life of my aunt while I actually forget to share. She’s been married for 8years and during DAT period she’s been having series of miscarriages den the family decided to go to d hospital to check what the issue might be and it was discovered DAT she had fibroid. I just want to thank God cos early last year she had d operation which was successful and den after she took in and conceived a healthy baby boy with no complications and the baby is plus one now. May God be praised

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