Miracle Job Offer

July 25, 2017 by 0

Please join me to praise the God of Awesome wonders, the Olowogbogboro Himself, the one that changes people’s stories cos he has changed my story. I didn’t know about the Hallelujah Challenge until about 10 days after it started when a colleague at work told me. I keyed in immediately, even though my job sometimes makes me too tired to wake up at night I will set alarms on my phones so as not to miss it. Suddenly and for the first time in my life, I was contacted by an HR Person on LinkedIn about a job opening to know if I’m interested. I didn’t read the message until after two days and I replied that I was interested. I sent my CV but unknown to me the CV didn’t deliver I told her I had sent it twice but she didn’t see it, after waiting for a while she sent me interview request using my LinkedIn email address.

I went for the interview as short as it is I got the job o. I was about 45mins late cos I missed my way yet Olowogbogboro suspended protocols for my sake. I got the job as a position higher than I imagined intact I got a job higher than I was interviewed for with 100% salary increase. That was how God ended the cycle of stagnation and humiliation I was battling with at my workplace. God is in this place o

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