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September 10, 2018 by 0

God is so good and too faithful. its a long testimony, and I have been meaning to share. I am glad this opportunity has availed it self, God bless everyone that has been instrumental in bringing this platform.
so I had graduated from school and was believing God for a life partner, it was becoming an issue to me because there was literally no guy around. sometimes I would sit down to calculate who could likely ask me out from all my male friends and it wasn’t seeming as if anyone of them was likely to. at some point I started wondering were the husband will come from if none of them seemed likely. There were some guys but they were guys that did not have the fear of God. At some point I thought I should give some green light to one that seemed like he had potential of fearing God, After all he was a Christian just not that committed. My mother decided to advise me, that no body was perfect so I shouldn’t be ‘too picky’ lool. But I just wanted a man that truly had the fear of God. I kept believing God and I used to say that people thought nothing good could come out of Nazareth but Jesus came from there. And that is how even in this so called dead town my husband would locate me. sometimes my faith was great at other times I would cry and wonder if anything was wrong with me. so this continued until I went for WAFBEC 2017, I went with great expectations, I had so many needs, I was pumped that my miracle would happen. at the back of my mind I wondered if I would even meet my husband there lool, but 50% of my mind told me to concentrate on God that does unexplainable extraordinary miracles.
At this time as well, I had some professional exams I wanted to write outside the country too running to about 3million for everything, I was anxious about this too cause I didn’t have that kind of money and my family couldn’t really support me at the time. so I went with that prayer in my mind for financial breakthrough as well.
the program came and went but nothing tangible really happened, I however grew my faith at that conference it was awesome, I knew something would happen but when? I started meditating on the word I got from the conference and increasing my faith, but at some point I couldn’t sustain this and just as I was going back into despair Olowogbogboro came but I couldn’t participate fully because work was really stressful at the time, but it brought a spark in my spirit and then Open heavens/hallelujah festival came and my spirit was lifted some more and I participated fully my faith increased to new heights, I was speaking the numerous promises that came to us (he has crowned my year, my path drops with fatness, leap for joy, suddenly..) during the program and even actively building my faith after the program by listening to faith messages it was wonderful. About the money issue I started rationalising things, I said if I ask some close friends and relatives maybe that’s how God will use them to help me and I will draw out a payment plan so that once i’m successful and get a better job I will payback. Everyone I met said “i’m so sorry I cant help u now”, one even asked me why I didn’t ask my father, I was so pained because if I could get help there will I be asking u. anyway this helped me go back to my heavenly father that gives good gifts. and I continued holding on to the promises of God and listening to more messages and then suddenly…. hallelujah!!! one morning in early January I got a message on wats app from an old friend from uni, he was my senior then and had gotten a job abroad and so we hadn’t kept in touch. He said “hi how are you, u’ve been on my mind and I thought to reach out to u today” and that was how we started talking and the rest is history. We would be getting married very soon. also that same month God also miraculously provided help for the money I needed and I wasn’t going to pay back. God is amazing and his timing is perfect. God did it suddenly!! hallelujah!
thank you Pastor Nathaniel and everyone that was involved in the last challenge. I pray that this would even be greater with loads of testimonies.

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