Miraculous Job offered

August 15, 2017 by 0

And God did it just like that! I have read some mind-blowing testimonies buy even this one pass me. I started actively searching for a job in the month of June when the Halleluyah challenge was ongoing. I joined on the 6th day and I must say that has really helped my relationship with God. I told God at some point that even if I don’t get a job, He is still God and nothing can ever change that. I’ve since grown closer to God and even the hold of depression on my life was broken.

I’ve been to several interviews since June and they all came back with apologies that I haven’t been taken. Then on Friday, I got a call from a recruitment agent about a job I didn’t apply for asking me if I am willing to attend an interview on Monday. I got to the interview and the interviewers started gisting. We talked, laughed, gisted about family for about an hour and thereafter they asked me on the spot when I would like to resume. I wasn’t even interviewed, I wasn’t asked a single question and JUST LIKE THAT, I was offered the job on the spot. It was almost as if they had decided to employ me even before I got to the interview. If that is not favour, I don’t know what else it. I just want to return all glory to God and use this means to encourage someone else trusting in God for one thing or the other that He will surely come through for you. Please don’t stop believing

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