Miraculous Parking Provision

June 16, 2017 by 0

I joined this Hallelujah challenge on Day 9 and it has been wonderful!!! I have to share this testimony as no act of God is too small! Appreciation to God is an application for more.I had some official business to do in a government agency and had a challenge with parking my car as the parking space was full leaving me with no choice than to park along the road alongside other cars. As I was about to get out of my car, someone indicated to me to come and park as he was about leaving. As I was parking in the available space, council officials jumped out from nowhere and started removing plate numbers of cars parked along the roadside. I was told you will need to pay N35,000 to collect your plate number back at their office! I thank God for saving me just in time by providing a space for me to park just when i needed it.
My 2nd testimony: There is this colleague of mine in the office that just stop talking with me since March, I didn’t know what I did and all efforts to find out was declined. Just yesterday morning he called me and apologized! I mean this is a guy that is too big too apologise to anyone! Olowogbogboro arrested him and he apologised!!
I just want to appreciate God for all He has done since this Hallelujah challenge started. And I know my MEGA- TESTIMONY IS LOADING!!!! And I shall return to testify!!!

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