September 6, 2018 by 0

Dear Sir,

Thank God for your impact and courage to take steps as Christ leads.

Last night after the Hallelujah challenge I slept and I saw myself in like a church just singing traditional songs with some others (like Edo and Rivers song). Tamuno…., Oghene. Different people were leading at different points but there was no sense of competition. It was a relaxed joyful atmosphere of worship and I woke up really joyful. I really enjoyed the worship and got a sense that God can give is peace and joy in our sleep and even if life ever seems funny there is glory that God can give and joy that God can give in another realm. More so, the night before I slept after the Hallelujah challenge and had a dream (I couldn’t remember, but a sensed that I worked out of a place. I had a sense I got freedom).

Thank God for what He has started and what He will finish.

God bless You, your family and team abundantly and may God refresh and encourage everyone of you always.

Kind regards,

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