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Hello Pastor Nath,
During the first Hallelujah challenge I was believing God to continue a building project at home. After one of the nights of praise, I went to sleep and dreamt that some notable structures my family had were becoming so dilapidated to the point that we were resorting to old structures (that had been pulled down years ago). I woke up knowing that God wanted me to pray against stangnancy and a retrogressive spirit. Few days later I travelled to my home town, went to the exact spots and projects and prayed over them. I also picked a stone from the project and continued to speak life to the building project. At that point, I was contemplating to borrow #1m to complete the money I had for the roofing of the house. That same week, someone called me to her house and gave me #1m cash without me ever telling her I had that need. The miracle was too real, I shivered!! Just like that!!!

By the second Hallelujah challenge, I was trusting God to be engaged and to also break away from a toxic relationship that was obviously a stumbling block. I dedicated the November challenge to that cause. By 1st week of December the guy I needed to walk away from sat me down and told me the relationship was not going to work so we needed to part ways. GOD delivered me! By February, a young man I had been talking with, though with so much reservation in my heart, came to the country and proposed to me. Just like that, in a couple of days, we had seen my parents and I was ready to start the process of marriage with him. All the reservations I had disappeared, there was peace, joy and the hand of God was clearly on this one. I am so happy how far God has led me and shown me soooooo much mercy. Our engagement will be next weekend (this July) and wedding later in the year.

Also, during the last challenge, I prayed for my sister to get a paid job which she got by December.

When I saw the post for Hallelujah challenge this June, I was sad and desired that the date would not be scheduled during my professional exams. I was so happy that the challenge started a day after I finished. God answered me again!

God that has started it will most assuredly bring it to the fullness of manifestation!

God bless you Pastor Nath. You and your household shall be mighty upon the earth. Your sons and daughters shall do exploits. They are marked for signs and wonders. May you continually be a worthy vessel unto the master’s use and may your oil be preserved.

NB: You had told me to call you to share my testimony, I did but couldnt get through to you. I truly hope you can save the date to grace our wedding on the 8th of December in Abuja. Didn’t know what platform to forward my Invitation to you. Ikechi had said I should send you an email. I would like you to sing This God is too good (for the bridal procession), Incredible Love and Wonderful wonder during the wedding service. Hope you get to see this and respond. My fiance, my family, friends and I, will be so delighted to have you.

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