Good Morning Pastor Nat,
I keep getting prompted to share the things God has done for me yet procrastinating so day 4 was really my night because i really needed to thank God all the way. Last year I got to know about the hallelujah challenge almost halfway through but that didn’t limit the faithfulness of God. After this year’s halleluyah began, i started to think back as to how far God has brought me in a year…so much has happened.
– My residency application was under processing before the hallelujah challenge and because of lack of funds i didn’t get professional help but Olowogbogboro professional spoke on my behalf and my citizenship was approved smoothly.
– I started the year with account going into red but by the end of the year i was able to save and give freely
– I was able to resign from a job i have been doing for almost a decade but wasn’t really proud of and miraculously God settled me in a full time, one that i love waking up to go to and honours God
– I have been able to travel to visit countries that were once a far-reaching dream
– Everyone trusting God for the fruit of the womb around me have conceived and some already given birth to babies while others due soon
– Due to past experience, i was living in fear and mistrust but God has restored my confidence and joy plus He has now given me a voice that honours Him. It feels like i have been given a new lease of life
– We have received divinely enabled career promotions and recognitions in my family

Since this year’s hallelujah challenge the hands of death has been stayed over two of my close family members, they have both survived serious accidents unscathed. God has been more than faithful, He has been working behind the scenes of my behalf and that of my family. So grateful to the ever faithful All-mighty God

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