September 4, 2018 by 0

I want to bless the name of the Lord, the OLOWOGBOGBORO Himself. Last year at the Hallelujah Challenge, my kid brother lost his job just before the challenge started. We weren’t aware of it until tail end of it. I called my brother to come and let’s join in praising our creator, the founder of all jobs. We started, keyed into every prophecies and we prayed. On the morning of the last day, my brother received a call from his former immediate boss that one of their branch office at Ikoyi needed someone and he told the authority that he can’t release anyone cos they are short of staffs and that the best person that knows about the soft wear they implemented is my brother. That was how he was called back to resume, they promoted him to head the new branch with increase in salary. The new place is far bigger than his former branch. Jesus did it and am also keying in for my husband as well, his documents needs a white man’s signature before he can resume for the new job. God that did it for my kid brother, will definitely do his own…. Amen

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