Mrs ibiye Maduka

September 6, 2018 by 0

Pastor Nath …somebody shout hallelujah..i have come again to testify..
After the HALLELUJAH challenge which I normally partake with the girl that stays with me i woke up this morning by 6 am only to find out she ran away from home..and we all know what it means to be lost in lagos going with police case and money or even getting into the wrong hands..immediately I noticed that she was gone I left my children upstairs and quickly went searching on the street it was a young man that told me they saw the girl and held her at the security post because they knew she was running away from home…ithank God because I was happy she was found and after much persuasion she agreed to follow me home..i just want to praise God that in all HE did it ..thabk you for teaching us about CHRIST..Amen
Please pastor Nath I was the last who talked about my husband’s arrest in south Africa on his way back to Nigeria with so much going on and not being able to hear from him the lawyer handling his case keeps saying the man is not on seat so he can be granted freedom …they keep saying come tomorrow today tomorrow…please sir help me join your faith with mine for the Urgent release of my husband to be back to us a free man and I’m good health..we have 2 little children together and me thinking about it keeps making me depressed..pastor Nath please pray for my family ..CHIDIEBERE MADUKA FAMILY!please keep me anonymous

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