Multiple blessings on every sides

August 1, 2017 by 0

The Lord has done great things for me, may his name be Praised!!

I joined Halleluyah challenge on Day 11th or 12th with various prayer requests. He has restored my home and made my marriage desirable again. He saved my husband from a business deal that some Ghana-based Nigerians scammers collected about N50M for and were turning him and his business associates around. Olowogbogboro retrieved to the last kobo for us. He is also exposing and shaming household enemies who are falsely accusing and fabricating stories about me to make other family members hate me. I key into other brethren’ testimony that OLOWOGBOGBORO will break the cycle of my career stagnation, retrieve all the money being owed my family from previous business especially in 2015. Totally heal my marriage and expose all household enemies to my husband and the world.

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