My 24- hours notable miracles

September 6, 2018 by 0

Good evening Pastor Nathaniel,

Olowogbogboro has given me, my husband and a friend of mine our 24 hours notable miracles oh!!!!! You asked us yesterday to ask God for our 24 hours notable miracles and I did.

First, my husband’s car was seized because he somehow used a BRT lane at Garage, close to Ojota and they asked him to go and pay N70,000 before his car will be released. To cut the story short, I prayed that God will help my husband find favour at the task force office and not pay a dime to collect his car back. Suddenly!!, God did it. My husband got his car out of their office without paying anything!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

Secondly, I have been praying for a way out for my ticket because I am in the US now to have my baby and was trying to book my rerun but the cost for fixing a date for my ticket which I left open for my return earlier on was very expensive! They said I will pay a difference of about $3,000 and I lost hope. somehow, today, suddenly! my husband just asked a friend to help him check if he could try doing the booking again and behold, I was asked to just pay a difference of $385!!!!!! Just like that!!!!! Olowogbogboro did it for me oh!!!!!

My third testimony, my close friend had issues with her husband last week and had to move out of his house, he also seized his car and things were really had for her. I have been praying for her throughout this Hallelujah challenge. Suddenly! the husband looked for her and asked her to come back home and even gave her back her car (He even made repairs on her car to make it better!)!!!!!

These 3 testimonies all happened within 24 hours today oh!!!!!! I am so grateful to God. Olowogbogboro did it!!!!

God bless you Pastor Nathaniel Bassey and all ministers supporting in this praise challenge.

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